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    I couldn't believe Davie posted that, it's really not his style. Not sure if it was an attempt to call Dean out, or just having a swipe at him.

    I'd love to see the fight, simply because it's two guys I've followed for a while and they are both big personalities. It's an interesting match-up, but would it be at 145lb, which I understand is a hell of a cut for Galbraith?

    As for living in the gym...I've never been in the Griphouse when Dean wasn't there, he pretty much lives there anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gi-boy View Post
    I knew a ninja would retort but my point isn't really about how or why his record is balls its about the fact that calling out a guy with a losing record is a weird move. If he loses he looks a bit shit losing to a guy with that record and if he wins he just beat a guy with a poor record. It looks like he's trying to pad. I know he may have fought tougher guys and all that but it just seems cowardly or simply a foolish move. The "living in the gym stuff" was sarcasm.
    I wasn't responding to you directly more to the picture which seems to have been taking down. The text at the bottom said dean was a record padder for french guys which is a bit cheeky considering that the guy making the poster hasn't beat a guy with a winning record.

    Martin delaney looking for a fight if Dave wants to fight him on vision let Rob Mccrum know.

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    That sounds like a fun fight
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