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Thread: Drunk street fighter challenges Kung Fu Master to a fight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay View Post
    Fair set of whiskers on him. However, it's hard to have sympathy. If a pissed up idiot walks into a fighting gym and challenges somebody, they can expect to get knocked out. Surely that's his just desserts.
    Would be good if that happened over here gyms challenge each other etc Most is just a show these days and the only thing a lot challenge is a mirror.

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    There are stories of people behaving like characters from Shaw Bros movies and challenging instructors in their own gyms and some of these are from reputable sources.

    However, three things worry me about this vid
    1. Why not tell him to come back when he's sober
    2. He may not have been drunk or drugged up but may have been in that state as a result of a medical condition
    3. When he was KO'd he looked like he might be dead and no one seemed to give a shit
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    The willingness of the guy to hurt someone who posed no threat was shocking and says a lot about him. Plus as John says - no-one appeared to care. Like the way one fella tried to revive him, it didn't work so he gives up. Fuck it.

    I agree with jay that it is rightfully a dangerous business to go wandering into a fighting gym gobbing off. But it is also important that skilled fighters know how repel an unrealistic challenge without sending anyone to the dentist. That said if people are experienced combatants or built like a brick shithouse - they gonna take a kicking lol
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    This street fight was about as competitive as a leeroid barnes fight

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