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Thread: UK MMA's worst record padders?

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    On a serious note, I really don't think looking at the journeymens records are a good indication of padders - there's a difference between padding your record and accepting last minute random replacements at the end of a fight camp.
    The real way to find padders is to look for guys with really impressive records, look at the names and the records within - if you're experienced and undefeated or close, you're either totally awesome or a total can crusher...

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    Whats more disgustin is though look at craig allens last fight, jason ball lol in last 2 years has lost 3 won 1 against craig allan, craig came to my gym and couldnt handle my amatures with 1 fight experiance! And yet jason is 12 in a stacked light weight division?

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    I understand as much as anyone the need to get last minute replacements but some of the fighters on those guys records (with their records) should be embarrassed.
    When Lloyd Clarkson went AWOL I had 3 "journey men" offer their services but I declined all of them.
    SnA, Mike and his management preferred to not have him brutalise someone for just a "W".
    Now CW have him matched so its all worked out well.
    I also had Andy Cona offer to step in against another guy on a weeks notice but instead of accepting what would of been IMO an easy win I worked a bit harder and got the fighter involved another guy who was 0.2.0. not 0.14.0.
    Admittedly that wasn't perfect but it certainly a better option.
    I think events should stop taking the easy route to match their ticket sellers and accept sometimes they don't "fight".
    When it comes to guys with 30 losses more than wins fighting heavier guys can you honestly say there is ANY point at all other that record padding and getting the ticket seller a quick win.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    Totally agree with you bri, I would refuse to brutalise a can in 20-30 seconds as a last min replacement, there is no point!

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    Its all staged man some of the cans get told by the promoter to go for the take down and his ticket seller subs him. Ahhhhhh you seee I know what you try hide

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad mike View Post
    Totally agree with you bri, I would refuse to brutalise a can in 20-30 seconds as a last min replacement, there is no point!
    Well it hurt returning some tickets AND paying Mike but it had to be done.
    If Mike was 2/3/4.0.0 I'd of taken the "easier" bout but at his level it wouldn't of been fair.
    Also Mike recently beat an "easy" last min replacement and it didn't sit well with us.
    We'd filled a coach ect so didn't really have the option of pulling or we'd of been well out of pocket.

    UKMMA rocks!!
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    What we should do is set up a 16 man open weight journeyman tournament, the winner aside from getting 4 wins on his record can have all their losses wiped from sherdog. I recon lomas takes it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mad mike View Post
    It depends on what way you look at it, if you go through some of the top 10-20 theres guys in there tbat have been can crushing big time some have gone 5-1 in last 2 years winning against complete bums and losing the fight against a level oppenent and yet remain a top ten fighter, laughable!
    Then I was a top 5 fighter 3 years ago had to have time out due to personal reasons and having 2 kids! I wanted to make a come back, hadnt fought for two and a half years, decided to fight on my home show home town and was looking for a credable oppenent top 10-20 at a new weight of middle weight but every fighter contacted was "contracted" lol so had to find a foreign oppenent! we was offered erik cebarec who was coming off a loss to victor cheng and I accepted! In the mean time he then lost to mike ling! I was coming off the back of a 2 and a half year layoff and cutting to a new weight and took on a tuff oppenent and Iost! Now before the fight there was interest from promoters in my comeback and had I crushed a can and gone 9-2 mma universe 7-2 sherdog there would still be interest and hype, now I get offered fights at two weeks notice with shit purses you do the maths, uk mma is shit!
    You can't expect credible top 10-20 guys to want to fight on a 'home town' or 'local' show if they are fighting on better shows elsewhere, which higher production values and higher costs.

    Especially nowadays when a lot of smaller 'hometown' shows don't even bother updating their records. If you are missing wins off your record you can also get it done yourself too.

    PS. Also i asked your guy what purse you wanted and never heard back....

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    The guys contacted was not " contracted" to big shows! They just want to pad their record protect their position, it showed by the fights they then took on their home shows afterwards

    Was the same before I had time off, hardly any top ten guys fighting each other.

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    I know what your saying about the smaller shows, it is annoying that they are to lazy to update records its annoying,

    But what could I do wanted to fight, cant get on the bigger shows with so much time off and dont want to fight a can?

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