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Thread: Ok people, a video a lot of people have been waiting for from Budo FC 3.

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    Default Ok people, a video a lot of people have been waiting for from Budo FC 3.

    Saul Rogers vs Artem Lobov.

    Saul wins a very close decision in a fight that had it all really, crazy fight to watch live it was just back and forth.

    A lot of people have approached me since the show to say that had Lobov winning the fight 2 rounds to 1, a few had it a draw but finally I've had it released (been busy) and you can have a look here.

    I'm sure a few people will have comments on how small the cage is but I was let down with the initial cage and had to rope in an 18 footer at the last minute.

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    Do you have Andrew Clamp Vs Damian Hartsell?
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    Saul edged 1, Artem clearly won 2 and for me Artem won 3 aswell with more dominant positions. Good back and forth fight.

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    I know you've been waiting for it Jay, thats how I had it. Rematch would be cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    I know you've been waiting for it Jay, thats how I had it. Rematch would be cool.
    Yeah. There probably isn't much in a rematch for either guy in terms of progression right now, just a point to prove I guess, but it would definitely be a cool fight to watch again!

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    for me and its only an opinion from a video, which can never be as accurate as being there (even on the best quality on youtube you cant see some shots land)

    Round 1- Saul - 3 decent sub attempts , 2 take downs, more time in overall control

    Round 2- Closer than it looks , all Sauls work was in the first half of the round he spent a decent amount of time in top position. Id go for Artem mind, scored a few take downs and landed the odd nice strike whenever it was stood up

    Round 3- Razor thin, Artem got an early td but was reversed eventually and Saul spent decent time on top had a sub attempt. Artem secured a late take down. Looking at a little scribble of notes it seems as though Saul may have spent more time in control (again in the first half of the round really) could edge to him, jesus could 10 10 it or give it to Artem

    One thing I've heard a bit of sniping from people and as a guy who doesn't know either fighter, that's a close fight and will come down to opinions, no travesty for it going either way

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    Ant Davies vs Brad Wilde was a great fight, take a vicious beating and then choke your opponent out cold.

    EDIT - Found the link.
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    re watching the third now #needalife

    watching 3rd with stop watch and taking into account positions etc I've got Artem edging it

    good fight, I particularly like the use of a bell for end of rounds gives a kind of last orders pub feel to it
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    For what it`s worth I scored it like this.

    Rogers rnd 1 (Subs attempts, and takedowns clinched it)

    Lobov rnd 2 (Controlled the striking, sub attempts clinched it as the rest was even)

    Lobov rnd 3 (Lobov had dominant positions on the floor but that round was close).

    A draw would of been fair though.
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