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A draw would be fair but I thought Artem had rounds 2 and 3 and Saul round 1 but as a lot of posters say things always tend to look different on video. I think it's a bit like watching a band live and then watching the video; or comparing the feel of an on-line lecture with one delivered live. When human beings are physically all in the same room, things just have a different feel to them in very undefinable ways - even if they are not actually directly interacting with each other. In this particular case, the commentary is an additional factor. Live you're not being swayed by the opinions of two alleged experts both offering you their interpretation of what you're seeing. I wouldn't therefore go so far as to say that Artem was robbed but with the benefit of hindisght, it might be fair to say he was unlucky not to have got the win
That's a fair point, either way it finished off a great night of fights.