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Thread: 2 UK&Ire Cornermen for the biggest fight of your life, who would they be?

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    One think i find very interesting is listening to people corner, we have some great ones in the UK, then some complete dogshit.

    Obviously, Ill always say the Colosseum have good corners

    But others are JK, Rimmer, Tan, Scanno, Tanswell, any of the DNFT guys all work a corner very well IMO
    Def agree with Widge, Colosseum guys are great to have in your corner. I had the honour at a couple of fights and they were excellent.

    As an independant fighter who very rarely shows up with a decent corner crew (if any) I can hand on heart say it makes a HUGE difference having someone there who knows what there doing and understands whats going on from outside the cage. I reckon they have as big influence on the outcome of the fight as the fighter themselves.

    I have had a fair few random people help in my corner and have heard some outrageous advice from within the cage lol

    "TRY KNOCK HIM OUT" and "DONT GIVE HIM YOUR BACK" are my favourites
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