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Thread: Phil Baroni's awesome blog

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    Default Phil Baroni's awesome blog

    Phil is quality. Best eva

    It's Tuesday, about 6 p.m. I'm pretty f**king tired after team wrestling practice which was run by DC (Daniel Cormier). It was a pretty hard session, and not being in top shape made it even tougher. Especially when your training partner for most part was Jon Fitch. I've got 8 weeks before what pretty much is the biggest fight of my career
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    I love Baroni as much as I loved Cro Cop. Maybe it was his figure hugging shorts but I loved his attitude and never say die (even when you are gassed) attitude. Baroni to win by death punches.
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    And sorry to go off on another tangent but Frank Shamrock, go f*ck yourself you f*cking douchebag. You're a f*cking hater and you suck as a broadcaster. You're a complete f*cking jerk off, and your buddy Mauro is a f*cking dip shit himself. Call an unbiased fight, call the action, and call what you see. You guys are two dickheads, and I cant wait until I run into either one of you cocksuckers.
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    I don't think much of Baroni as a fighter at all, but he is entertaining. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Phil Baroni will always be one of my most favourite fighters, the definition of lets just fucking scrap.

    Win or lose, the dude is swinging.

    I'm the best ever!!!!.... Ever!!!!

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    Wot a guy!

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