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Thread: Leeroy Barnes worked fight?

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    Lol nice just annoys me the way he casually walks to the cage not a care in the world knowing he will be out in under a minute yet he gets paid for it.
    Funny thing is Leeroy didn't know who he was fighting until about 1 minute before he was called for his walk out, his opponent dropped out and Lee was the only person who answered the call, he came and filled a gap, if someone turns up to fight, puts the effort in and then is left without a fight, I'll do whatever I can possible to get him a match. Lee said he'd do it, he was medically cleared and knew who he would be fighting. Leeroy only re-appeared at the setting a little before his fight and after searching for him I informed him, the person who was most dissapointed was Leeroy, you can only beat who's put in front of you.

    EDIT - PS Babycakes, the only reason you wanted to fight Lee Cage was to get an easy win, not because he 'disrespects' the sport or whatever you usually come out with.
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