Grizzly you dont need 2 people to do a worked bout, it only takes one guy to plan a quick loss and the fight is worked, it really is that simple, the other opponent may not suspect a thing but the fight is still a worked bout!

I have footage of "the fall guy" dropping before even getting hit and i mean like the flurry of punches was just missing him and he drops and then curls up on the floor takes like one or two shot to his arms and the ref jumps in, job done.

the arm bar would have never happend as the fall guy would not let a fight go that far, as you see in the footage, also he was not even hurt all that was the play out for the fans lol

Bas rutten was once asked if he ever done a worked bout whilst in japan as they are known for them and he said never, the guy then said what about if your opponent has been paid to work the bout without your knowledge?

so unfortunatley for leeroy and 99.9% of the guys who have ever fought lee cage they too have been in worked bouts