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Thread: Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

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    Default Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

    Ok, I've been putting this off for ages but this has now gone past the stage of being a joke & people are getting treated like shit! John I like you, but business is business and people take time off work to compete & work on your show & rely on the money they are due so get put in a difficult spot when you dont pay.

    First off, this is regarding the Cage Contender 16 show headlined by Paul Daley on Feb 23rd. I was fighting on the bill so a friend of mine asked me to get him on the card, his name is Chris McDonald and to this day still has not been paid. Chris paid his own flights from Jamaica & the only thing that John had to pay was the hotel & fight purse like every other fighter on the card. For the past 3 weeks John has been telling us he has transferred the money but there is no sign of it! I have had numerous calls & texts to John about it & he has been saying its transferred it should be there, he done it last week etc. Both Chris & myself have text him and he has had various excuses saying he doesnt sort it out until 2 weeks after the show. We both got told we would be paid within 2 weeks, its now been over a month! 2 weeks ago John said it was done & I asked him why did you only transfer it now when you told us last week you had done it, his reply was 'I dont do it, someone else does' (I have kept all texts to upload as proof) Its now the 5/4/13 and I think we've gave him enough time to explain himself. John told Chris he transferred X amount, which was actually 35 short, now I know 35 isnt a lot of money but Chris took time off work in order to prepare for the event so his actual purse didnt even cover what he lost, so even 35 off his purse is still a sly move.

    Part 2 - Chris' opponent 'John Redmond' has not been paid at the time of posting. I have been talking to his coach & told me this morning that there is no sign of the money.

    Part 3 - Myself (Chris Stringer) did get paid however not without complication. I fought on feb 23rd & was promised pay within 2 weeks of the event. I received a cheque dated the 10/11th so got him to change it as that was too long, he changed it to the 2nd, I put it in the bank 2 days before hand in order for the cheque to clear. The cheque bounced & I rang John to tell him, he told me it was my fault I put it in 2 days early. I got him to transfer the money but it was 50 short. I said about it & he said he'd get charged for the cheque bouncing, I said it wasnt my fault so he said he'd sort it.

    Another thing that happened was John actually cost me 100 from a sponsor, I was being sponsored to walk out to a certain track, I asked in advanced was it OK before I said yes, he assured me it would be. I gave the DJ my music the day before. Im standing there about to walk out & do my lil routine for the cameras when some mad shite comes on that was nothing like my track. I said to John after & he had told me that someone broke into the music van & cleared everything out. Now I find this hard to believe as the DJ was still there playing music & most other fighters got theirs. My fight was on live TV so I assume John didnt want to pay the rights for the song to be used & gave me anything. He said he would sort me out after we sorted the pay to compensate for it....I dont think I need to explain the rest.

    So in total I am 150 down, now I know its not a massive amount, but I trained full time for this fight & didnt actually have any work before the fight so I needed every penny in order to survive that month!

    Part 3 - David Jones one of the referee's has still not been paid, he got a cheque, it bounced & got told last thurs it would be done as a bank transfer. The guy who wrapped hands Joe Clifford & his cut team have still not been paid & the announcer Barry Oglesby have still not been paid. I am not sure about others but this in the information I have been given.

    As I said I tried to sort all this out in private but got told so many different things & the fact that its dragged on well over a month is now behind a joke. I can safely say I will never fight on another Cage Contender card again in my life.

    And to add insult to injury, John is now promoting his next show yet still hasnt settled his debts from his last one. Just thought the UKMMA should know this.

    Regards, Chris

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    I've been waiting for this thread to come for so long... I've heard so many bad things about the Promoter and the Promotion, wouldn't be surprised if more information came out on this subject.

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    This would have hit 13 pages if it was a BAMMA event by now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matty H View Post
    This would have hit 13 pages if it was a BAMMA event by now!
    Usually any thread like this becomes epic. 986 views on this one so far and less than a page of comments.
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    I think everyone who has been done or is owed money need to have their say to make this epic.. I'd like to pass comment but what I know I shouldn't mention as its not in the public domain.

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    I have been contacted by 6 separate fighters sayin they have still not been paid. 2 of the fighters where from previous shows. And another did eventually get paid but was €65 euro short. A lot of fighters & staff said that they had been left short, skimming a lil off everyone all adds up.

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