I too am part of the saga, from the show on the 26th.

I was asked to head over and judge, I had some dealings with John going back 4 years. He told me to book my ticket and fly out and that I would be compensated once I got there. We agreed my fee & a budget to fly, plus a room for the night. I stupidly trusted him, as he talks a good game.

I booked a flight which was a lot more expensive as there were none in the budget suggested, I thought I would take that on the chin as it was good networking.

Upon landing, I had to get a taxi to the stadium as there was 'Drama' so I paid for this- being told I would be re compensated.
After the show, I had to harass John at the hotel for sorting me a room. On the way to the hotel I gathered I would be getting paid post the show as he told me this is what they always do. I thought I would give it a while and see. So after a couple of emails, no response, so I am confident I wont be getting paid.

So I have lost out on wages, a flight & two taxi's. The only bonus was that I got to watch Paul Daley deliver a devastating Flying knee, cage side.