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Thread: Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

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    I too am part of the saga, from the show on the 26th.

    I was asked to head over and judge, I had some dealings with John going back 4 years. He told me to book my ticket and fly out and that I would be compensated once I got there. We agreed my fee & a budget to fly, plus a room for the night. I stupidly trusted him, as he talks a good game.

    I booked a flight which was a lot more expensive as there were none in the budget suggested, I thought I would take that on the chin as it was good networking.

    Upon landing, I had to get a taxi to the stadium as there was 'Drama' so I paid for this- being told I would be re compensated.
    After the show, I had to harass John at the hotel for sorting me a room. On the way to the hotel I gathered I would be getting paid post the show as he told me this is what they always do. I thought I would give it a while and see. So after a couple of emails, no response, so I am confident I wont be getting paid.

    So I have lost out on wages, a flight & two taxi's. The only bonus was that I got to watch Paul Daley deliver a devastating Flying knee, cage side.
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    Anybody who has been affected and doesn't mind going on record publicly send me a PM. Also, if John is reading this and wants to put out his side of the story, he has my number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markjitsu View Post
    The sad/funny part of this is that 2 years ago I made a similar thread on here - I was never paid purse or flights ( all in the contract), and what I got was a load of people coming on the thread saying "oh I'm sure it's just a mistake, and , he's such a gentleman"/general support for the thief/conman.
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    That's shocking mate, fair enough people can have money isses etc and a little time is often what is needed in some circumstances but just not paying and carrying on regardless is a bit low and unscrupulous from someone who appeared to be respected in the business.

    A great gesture aswell from G Boylan in actually putting his hand in his own pocket to pay you the money you were owed from them!
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    I know of someone who's owed an extortionate amount of money that I'm surprised haven't come forward yet... I still expect him to.

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    I don't have all that much to add to the statement I've made but since releasing it I've been inundated with stories that people perhaps felt they couldn't tell me when I was involved with CC. I've been just shaking my head with each new revelation since yesterday afternoon. There are always guys who think that X or Y promotion didn't give them a fair shake, or owes them money and so on. This is the same in business, not just MMA, but when almost everyone you speak to say the same thing... well, it's no longer just disputes, it's fraud.

    There are no winners here either. Even the rival promotions will suffer from this as it's damaging to anyone who tries to sell a ticket or hire a pro now. When I got involved (long time ago it seems) there was trust, brotherhood, stuff agreed on with a handshake and no one ever thought about reneging on an agreement. I can't see any UK/US fighter coming over here without an ironclad contract and a healthy dose of mistrust from herein.

    There are good guys involved in promoting in Ireland like Andy Ryan and Battlezone, Jason McCabe with Chaos and others too. After this promotion dies (and it now will even if the so called "cash flow" problem is solved) I'm sure they can fill the void. It's a bad story for Irish Pro MMA and while Cage Contender did a lot for the game with TV and crowds, we were here before it, and we'll still be here when it goes.

    I had fun working for the promotion, but hearing other sides to the story over the past 24 hours has left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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    This doesn't sound good at all, anyone taking bets if the next CC event actually happens at this rate.
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    People would be mad to get involved with CC now after all this, props to Chris Stringer and the others who have voiced this in public.

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    I'm surprised this went on for so long because I know of dodgy stuff going on dating back from 2010 (not inclusive of Mark's scenario). It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    I'm surprised this went on for so long because I know of dodgy stuff going on dating back from 2010 (not inclusive of Mark's scenario). It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out.
    Come on let us know, the whole point is to cut out dodgy carry on.

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