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Thread: Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by danhardy84 View Post
    i don't know but has anyone perhaps thought, maybe the guy spent to much money paying Paul Daley ( i'd assume he wouldn't get away not paying him!! ) and thats why everyone else has been screwed ??? Interesting thought.
    I'm sure that would have added to it but people have not been paid from at least 2 years ago, that is not an oversight or an error. That is calculated fraud.

    I think Paul (or his management/representatives) have confirmed that he was paid for the event and looked after well during his stay.

    That maybe took things over the edge?
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    I know that he didn't pay Ivan Salverry's flight when he came over to fight Fraser Opie.

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    I have now received 50 from John on Monday, Im currently waiting to hear from Chris McDonald to see if he has been paid yet.

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    Originally Posted by Feared Fightwear
    As one of the main sponsors of Cage Contender 16 I paid John Ferguson 600 and he couldnt even provide me with a table to have a stall to sell my goods at the show. When I asked for one the reply I got was 'I dont have time for this'. I left the arena as I felt I would get myself in trouble but John, you ************************************* you won't get away with it
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    Been around a while in the UK and this is the first I've heard of a large show consistently not paying/fobbing people off.
    Its a shit situation for everybody, we all know how poor the margins are for fighters and staff. Cash flow problems can of course happen and if it happened to a cage warriors/ucmma/ommac or any long standing show I think most people would try and be patient and understanding. Whats clear with John and CC is this sort of thing has been going on, on a smaller scale for years.... so it is completely inexcusable. This reaction and all the people coming out the woodwork is beautiful karma

    It's a real shame its taken so long for people to come out and talk about it

    Another thing I will say is I worked clan wars not to long ago in Belfast. Venue was full , I was paid flights and wage before the event even started, picked up and dropped off at the airport and put up in a lovely room. What I wouldn't want is people to avoid the Irish scene all together because from what I've seen there are some stand up guys out there.... I think it's clear who to avoid
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    Don't get me mistaken. I've fought on Irish shows for years & always been treated good. I think Clan Wars went that lil bit extra, booked all mine & teams flights, picked us up, provided us with scales to check weight for a cut. Paid as soon as I left the cage, sorted everything else out for. Probably the best show in Ireland. Paul has always been in contact with me to this day & had asked my advice if anything needs to be improved & I don't think I had an answer.

    So as above don't let this put you off Irish mma, some great shows. Also Battlezone, Chaos, Immortal etc have all been great to work with.

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    This really is everywhere at the minute
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    Seems to be a fair few people Barry Oglesby et al saying they have now been paid in full. I hope everyone gets sorted out soon. MMA gets enough bad press as it is
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    Quote Originally Posted by coventrywarrior View Post
    Seems to be a fair few people Barry Oglesby et al saying they have now been paid in full. I hope everyone gets sorted out soon. MMA gets enough bad press as it is
    I received what I am owed by wire transfer this morning. Grateful to those who have intervened try and get people paid.

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    Its shame it had to come to a fe positive articles to get things moving but on the other hand its good for the people involved they are now being paid
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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