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Thread: Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by coventrywarrior View Post
    Its shame it had to come to a fe positive articles to get things moving but on the other hand its good for the people involved they are now being paid
    I'm guessing that the guys that were complaining on forums and that have come forward will get paid first, just hope they don't forget about the people who haven't come forward and disregard them
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    As some people have said above, I've now been paid. It's been a bit of a saga but I've received payment.

    I just wanted to say something, and I'm banned from the Irish board (muahahaha) so I'll have to say it here- It's not about the money not being paid. It's about dishonesty, disrespect, and a lack of trust.

    I own Kyuzo Gym in Ireland, but that's not my job really. I'm actually self employed, a freelance Strength and Conditioning coach, and I'm well used to issuing invoices and getting the run around before getting paid. Cash flow, in this economy, is always an issue with businesses, so when you issue an invoice you always have to chase it up to make sure you're the first on the guy's list when he gets the chequebook out. This is especially important with small businessmen and sole traders. I've even been down the road of liquidating a company that experienced those same problems. It's not easy but you try to do right by people. That's not just your moral responsibility, that's the law. So I have some sympathy for guys who have over-stretched their business. I've been in the position of not answering the phone in case it was a creditor. It's tough, but you either end up coming clean or you sort something out.

    Now where it's different is that this time out, I was given a cheque that bounced and told it was some foreign exchange cheque issue (ie. the type of cheque was a problem). I rang my bank and they said the cheque was pretty standard and it bounced for lack of funds, then told the money was transferred, then I find out no one else has been paid (and was publicly outed by Chris) which kind of got me a bit pissed. I mean, if John had called me, explained the cash flow issues, and said he'll look after me when it comes in, I would have probably have worked with him towards a resolution. Instead he bullshits me. That's a guy I've worked with and always been professional with for 3 years. Then I hear he's made a large equipment purchase in the past few weeks through one of my suppliers. So what this means, if true, is that me, Chris Stringer, Dave Jones, Joe Clifford, John Redmond and everyone else owed cash money from the last show in the NBA have acted as his interest free bank. That's what it amounts to. That's not "financial mismanagement", or a "cash flow issue", if that money was handed over between the show and this controversy, then the cash flowed, it just flowed somewhere else while the little people waited. That would at best be bad business practice, and at worst, trading irresponsibly.

    Now let me state this for the record. I don't have a personal issue with John Ferguson or Cage Contender. Our relationship has always been cordial and professional, and I've enjoyed the work on the TV show. I also don't have a problem with people who are just in MMA for the money. You don't love the sport? Fine. But be a good businessman, trade responsibly and ethically, and I'll work with you. I'm also in a position that 250 (that was what I was owed) is not going to make or break my finances, however knowing this economy and the hurt that's going around, I understand that there are guys who will have had palpitations when a cheque bounced, or will have been desperate for the transfer to arrive so they could cover bills.

    I actually think our expectations are pretty low when it comes to promoters. I think we actually in some way expect to be fucked over at least once. Cheque doesn't arrive when promised, or we get less than we were told, or you ask to see accounts and they don't exist, or you have to run around a building after a guy or go hammering on his door? Forget it Jake it's Chinatown. No one is immune from screwing up once in a while, but at least there used to be trust. Now the money chasers are around the sport like flies around shit, and we may now have to start using ESCROW or some other means to make sure promoters do as they promise. I mean, in Ireland at least, this is pretty small time. You have a field of maybe 50 or 60 pro fighters supplying every show, most shows have between 200 and 400 people attending, and some get better numbers. No one can afford to play Don King here. There's no Golden Boy going to spring out of Ireland. Promoting shows is going to have to be part-time affair, or you're going to have to accept you're going to have a decent payout once per quarter.

    I've nothing to say for other people and I don't care what others do. I speak for myself. You bullshit me, tell me fairy stories about phantom cheques and mystery bank transfers, then you burn your bridges. I'm not working for you again whether you're a corner shop or Microsoft, and if people ask, I'll tell them the truth.

    I said I was done with this issue, that I wouldn't speak about it again, but last night I read an article in which John (without being quoted or going on the record) intimated that it was basically a hatchet job by other promotions to get him out of the game. I've no doubt that some promotions benefit from this, and I do think some of them may have a direct and aggressive agenda to get CC out of the promotions game in Ireland, but this isn't about them, and they aren't responsible for this.

    I'm done with this now hopefully, but I suspect this won't be the last post on the issue. I'm sure there'll be guys in Ireland running over it with a fine tooth comb looking between the lines but this is all it is.

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    Hard to argue with that
    Andy Lillis, Former Cagewarriors President

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    Good post Barry.

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    That post by barry.oglesby is probably the most sensible post I have ever read on here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GettingThere View Post
    That post by barry.oglesby is probably the most sensible post I have ever read on here!
    You obviously haven't read many of my posts. -

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    he said sensible, not cynical
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    I think the technical phrase for some of what Barry referred to is the practice of 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. This is particularly bad when the thief in question is actually Paul!
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    I will keep an eye out Rob T!

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    At last! The word sensible and my name in a sentence. Wait til I show my mam.

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