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Thread: Cage Contender/ John Ferguson not paying Fighters & Staff

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    I have also had confirmed GMATT LTd the cage hire company have not been paid for the the last cc show in 2012.

    I have also had confirmed that Patrick Vallee has still not been paid for his fight V's Paul Daley.

    I also have more to add to this list.
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    Did any of this ever get resolved?

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    [QUOTE=I have spoke to Paddy since posting & has said that John has promised him the money & will sell his van if he has to in order to raise the funds.[/QUOTE]

    If he even mentioned having to sell his van he aint got the money
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    Chris McDonald received his pay this week.

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    That is terrible the main event fighter has not been paid.
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    Haven't heard any reports of missed payments from Newry as yet and as far as I'm aware most/all fighters got paid from the previous show. This popped up on last night though (and the main thread has since been deleted):

    Quote Originally Posted by Paddykellyuk View Post
    "Wanted to keep my comments to myself but I am now Pig sick of the excuses being used by John Ferguson.

    A little about myself, I worked on most of the Cage Contender events both in Ireland and England, as all people in this industry I get paid very little and once costs are taken away I get home with enough for a take away.

    During the last Cage Contender in Dublin I was asked by John to make a payment to loft sound otherwise there would be no show and as I had already forked out over 500. John promised I would be paid the next day so I paid 4,600 to loft sound on behalf of Cage Contender. The next day John told me after the show that I would be paid by Ticket Group once the ticket sales had been sorted. I received just under 1,900. In total John/ Cage Contender/ Ferguson Sports Group owed me 5,250 to date I have received 3,050. I am happy that I have something back but the money I used was savings for me and my Family, not for Mr Ferguson to use instead of paying what he owes.

    I decided to hold back until after the show in Newry as I was told that I would be paid from the proceeds by THE END OF MAY (today), I called John surprise his phone not on, he did however call me back at 15:30 to say he was in a production meeting and would sort the payment after (within a couple of hours),
    It is know 20:15 John's phone not responding and no payment.

    I really hope that this message is shared as the way John has treated me and others is disgusting and for him to be still Promoting show whilst owing people money from previous shows just shows his lack of respect for staff and fighters alike.

    John had told me that he will be having a holiday shortly, using others money to enjoy himself. Once upon a time I would class him as a friend no just a coward, fraud and despicable person.

    John if you are reading this I hope you decide to do the right thing and pay me but it is clear that this is something you either can't afford or are unwilling to do."
    Hopefully they can sort Paddy out, and see this through to its rightful conclusion.

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    Why would anybody fight on this cunts show ? He is a fucking chancer .
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    OK... Hate to bring up this dead horse, but how many of you are still awaiting payment from John?

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