Easton meets Pickett in a bantamweight bout tomorrow night, and he says it's all business despite the controversy surrounding Team Lloyd Irvin recently.


You mention Lloyd, and there has been somewhat of an exodus with all of the controversy. What are your thoughts on that, and what has made you stay?

My relationship with Master Lloyd, that's my big brother, that's my family. I'm his black belt and I'll rep it until the day that I die. It's called loyalty. I'm loyal. He's helped me out, He paid for my elbow to be fixed when it was broken, he gave me a job, he taught me a whole lot and you can't discount that.

You obviously would have great BJJ at Team Lloyd Irvin, but would you say the camp at Alliance has been so beneficial to you due to the numbers of top fighters they have there?

Due to numbers, and because of how the wrestling is. They have a lot of wrestlers there, and they have wrestlers that can strike which helps out tremendously. And they're a cardio-based school. My cardio was great before, but now it's even better. That was one of the things I was most concentrating on for this fight, to push Brad in his cardio. Meet Brad in the middle of the cage, keep it rough and tough, and break him. That's what I feel I have to do.