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Thread: UCMMA 33 Results

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    Any reports on the fights yet? I know it's early still!

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    The 2 trainers jumping in the cage pushing the winner of the fight need a fine or suspension in my opinion. Running in like a pair of hooligans after the fight had ended. And don't use your excuse that his celebration was disrespectful he had every right to do it he did not touch your man after the fight had ended so what gives them the right to run in the cage and assault somebody because that's exactly what you did which will be shown on TV. Great way to get mma to shred its bad image give the boys a medal.

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    What gym were the two trainers from? Very unprofessional
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    Quote Originally Posted by coventrywarrior View Post
    What gym were the two trainers from? Very unprofessional
    Was Facey vs write.
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    Denniston Sutherland turned 40 this week and took the middleweight title against a ma-husive young gun. He looked the fresher fighter in the last round too. Unbelievable athlete.
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    Seems like there was a ton of shit surrounding this fight - I'm sure someone will shed some light on it.
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    I know the guy Facey fought used to train at Bandogs, where Facey was a/his coach. He now trains elsewhere with people that have a little history with Facey. Just another little helping of UK mma politics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickett180 View Post
    thorough report! Nice. Like Adams bio as well lol
    'maybe on reflection that was a genuine grievance and not a gimmick. '

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