All weights 6.30pm Day before Unless stated, On the Day weigh inn will be at the venue at 2.30pm, catch weights and same day weigh inns available for potential match ups)

56kg Rookie (same day weigh inn)
63kg 4-1 in thai 1-0 mma (day before weigh inn)
66kg 7-3 semi 1-3 pro
75 day before 2-1 at c class pro - judo experience
77kg 4-1 at semi
80kg first timer
88/90kg (same day weight) Rookie
84kg 4-2 at semi 0-2 c class pro
84kg 1 win semi - 3-1 in Muay Thai
84kg 2-1 in rookie old amateur rules tournament
93kg first timer
All records are very accurate and any other martial arts experience is stated, we strive to get matchups that are as equal as possible for 2 reasons, it makes better fights and gives guys more experience. This is mostly a chance for a few Rookies and novices just finding there footing in MMA so if you have anybody ready to take the plunge please get in touch. If your team has a history of pulling out of fights or not making weight please do not get in touch with us with potential matchups. 150 purse for all fighters and 5 ticket commision on every ticket sold. Please get in touch.

If you have any potential matchups or want one of your fighters on the card then please get in touch:
Probably best just to add us on facebook as i dont come on cage warriors forum much and cant remember my password and dont check private messages:

Facebook: Headhunters MMA
Mob: 0785 292 6505