How many fights would Colin need to win before getting another shot though?, some people saying a couple?. It's highly unlikely that 2 fights would get him back in there unless they were against really good opponents and he finished them.

Look at Curt Warburton, he has had 5 fights and 5 wins and fights Rob Sinclair next at BAMMA (if that is defo going ahead?), so that will be 6 fights since leaving the UFC. Rob Sinclair himself is knocking at the door. Then you got the likes of Etim, Sass and Winner who will be looking to get back in after being cut. Along with that there are some who have yet to sample the UFC like Stapleton (exc TUF), Ray and Newman.

In the UK and the UFC it is a very stacked division and what it tells us is that the UFC don't fancy the UK fighters as LW's very much.

I am just trying to be realistic and provide an opinion and insight into this situation