As the title suggests and I have taken the top 20 as a guide from the most recent YourMMA rankings (March)

2. Paul Sass
3. Curt Warburton
4. Rob Sinclair
6. Terry Etim
7. Andre Winner
8. Martin Stapleton
9. Tim Newman
10. Colin Fletcher
11. Steven Ray
12. Jason Ball
13. Greg Loughran
14. Mike Wilkinson
15. Paul Redmond
16. Chris Hoban
17. Martin Delaney
18. Lee Wieczorek
19. Tommy Maguire
20. Brendan Loughnane

I've taken out Pearson and Parke from #1 and #5 as they are UFC fighters.

In the recent news of UFC cuts for Sass, Etim and Fletcher there are some potentially epic UKMMA fights to be had in this division. I understand that some fighters are signed to specific promotions but would still make for good fun to see what fights could happen and where?

I would hate to see the recently cut guys to take some easy fights and pad their records