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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    You're an idiot. If Silva and Belfort were on drugs it was to make them better, Wanderlei was the best fighter in the world at that weight for the time he was in Pride, Bisping wasn't unlucky, he just isn't good enough and got fucking knocked into the next month and balls to him being on a losing streak, he fought a bonafide middleweight and got knocked out cold, you've just said he was the best ever.

    Currently, Saku holds victories over TWO top 10 Light HeavyWeight fighters, one former UFC HEAVYWEIGHT champion, a former UFC Welterweight champion (one weight class above LW), and four members of the legendary Gracie family. His only losses, except for the very weird fluke loss to Nino Schembri, are against either the number 2 (or one in some circles) LHW, and current Pride MW (just another term for LHW) champion Wanderlei Silva. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (the twin brother of the Pride HW champion) who is a top 10 LHW. The man who was universally recognized as a top 5 HW and who just challenged for the HW title, Mirko CroCop, or the man who was THE #1 HW in the world, Igor Vovchanchyn, and that was a fight during which Saku was clearly winning for the first 10 minutes, before he finally lost all his energy (which was the result of having fought for 90 minutes earlier in the night). What is truly scary is that by most accounts, Saku was competitive with "Lil Nog", was firmly in control of CroCop until suffering an unfortunate eye injury, and actually had Silva in a choke during the 2nd fight. In fact, probably the only reason Silva was able to escape the choke was because he had such a weight advantage over Saku.

    Plus your pure hatred for Bisping is clouding your judgement.
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