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Thread: Sherdog's Top 10 what could have beens...

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    He is a troll dude, one who is getting better but still a troll. Who still hasnt eaten his fucking dog.
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    bad Sherdog meff thread...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    He didn't say Saku was #1 you tit.
    Dude why you so mad?

    And chocolate I try not to be bias but its really hard not to be sometimes I just write it how I see it and I should be praised for having a fresh point of view and not the same run of the mill opinions that you read on most MMA forums. All I can do is try my best to enlighten stale cases like Grizzly and hope they wake up and see the sunshine that is written. After all you can take the horse to water but you cant make it drink.

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    Rulon Gardner - $1 millon to fight fedor - i would of have had a go for that kind of money - granted i would of lost - but hey that's life changing money . Rulon could of kept his hands up and just tried to out wrestle/grapple fedor - and even try to suplex fedor like kevin randleman did or tried a leg takedown -... but yes fedor would of won no doubt... but then who thought rulon would of beat Alexander Karelin??? !

    Moving on from rulon gardner..

    mikhail illoukhine - beat igor vov (massive igor fan me) and randy couture ... never got the exposure he deserved and fought randleman not in his prime.

    on a side note what's happening with Blagoi Ivanov ?? - the sambo guy who beat fedor in sambo??

    Alexander Volkov is also maybe one to watch out for..
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