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Thread: Rodriguez v Wain, Towler v Robinson - UCFC 5

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    Default Rodriguez v Wain, Towler v Robinson - UCFC 5

    Adding to Shamrock vs. Freeman, UCFC 5 just got a whole lot bigger:

    Neil Wain vs. Ricco Rodriguez, Darren Towler vs. Colin Robinson and Neil Grove also signed to fight.

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    UCFC now has to sell out the entire stadium surely. I know Neil Wain and Darren Towler do well support wise but I wouldn't imagine Robinson and Rodriguez will make people want to go, Robinson is another easy fight for Towler. Towler vs Wain would have been a good fight also.

    Intrigued as to who the rest of the card will feature.

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    Aye, that ain't gonna be cheap, especially with Grove vs Thompson added! Probably Donny's biggest ticket seller in Scott Askham is signed to BAMMA so looks like he won't be on there. It's ambitious, but I'm sure they've taken it all into consideration and I hope they can pull it off!

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    The card is stacked. All fights are signed and under contract (been confirmed by promoter)
    I will be there 1 way or another. A huge night for UK MMA.
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    wain vs towler would be good cracking fight hopefully promoter will put the winners of each fight together next event

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    Wain would KO Towler early IMO.

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    I've just been given some info on this card and the show is definitely not finished with heavyweight and another good fight is to be announced... There's also two other names that have big show experience to be announced... If all this comes off it could be the best card that the domestic shore has seen.

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    Rodriguez's recent legal problems don't stop him from travelling internationally I take it. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    So I was right then lol.

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