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Thread: Thompson vs. Grove signed for UCFC

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    Default Thompson vs. Grove signed for UCFC

    Another striker vs. grappler match-up right here!!

    Freeman vs. Shamrock, Rodriquez vs. Wain and now this, could be quite the night in Doncaster!!
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    Is this show called... UCFC - Night of the Heavyweights?

    There's a lot of weight being added to the card, no pun intended.

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    would be good if these fights that are signed happened

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    So the current card is...

    Rodriguez vs Wain
    Freeman vs Shamrock
    Thompson vs Grove
    Towler vs Robinson

    All UFC vets bar Towler... Not a bad start but they need to bolster the undercard with masses of ticket sellers, I know Wain and Towler usually do well but Freeman and Towler would have the same gathering wouldn't they?... I don't know, I hope it all works out for Carl and the gang, good guys.

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    That is some fight card coming together.

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    Not saying much but I dont think they are done with the HW boys yet.
    Is looking like a great card but the UCFC cards do tend to be good anyway.

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    dammit, i assumed it was a megapunk rematch. still. awesome card, hope it stays together.

    Freeman is going to batter shamrock. ouch.
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    Tank fights this saturday, get him involved

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