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Thread: The Authoritative Encyclopedia of Scientific Wrestling, Vol. 2 ??? - thoughts??

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    Thanks again everyone..

    I know how to use the net very well and hammer google in the first instance and search forums rather than bore people with stupid questions...

    Again I aint for/against any style/instructor/club - very neutral and not tied to anyone/anything - have done various stuff over the years but not rolled/sparred in a very very long time...not been interested in anything for years.

    I am keen to learn more no-gi/subs - not interested in learning over complex techniques as looking for techniques that can be applied fast and hard with little "setup" and which "work" in any enviroment.

    I think I did try and post on here when the snake pit are doing another seminar down south, could be wrong but i think they did one in slough (near london for you northerners down here).

    Ironically my wife is originally from bolton and we maybe visiting her relatives in the next month or 2 ... and it is seems there's alot of catch wrestling round that way !

    Hasn't anyone from the north moved down south that knows this stuff????

    Everything seems to be bjj down south here as of late.
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