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Thread: Cage boxing k1 with mma gloves discussion thread.

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    Look at john wayne parr, he fought 'caged muay thai', full thai rules with mma gloves in a cage. Leaving the opinions of people in the know to one side, from an uneducated fan's point of view, the cage itself is a factor that draws them to the event, and they want to see guys kicking the fuck out of each other (rightly or wrongly). This style of fighting is what the majority of casual fans expect to see from a 'cage fight.' Imo, mma should be the only style contested in a cage, but my opinion counts for shit.

    Edit - side note

    To be fair the jamaine facey fight was exciting.
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    There was a study done a while back (can't remember the source, so not quoting) that analysed the effects of striking to the head with 10oz boxing gloves vs 4oz mma gloves. Surprisingly to many people, the concussive effects are identical, however the superficial damage caused by the smaller glove was significantly greater. Overall it showed that boxing gloves and mma gloves both cause damage when you get hit ;-)

    My major concern with mma gloves being used for the a strictly standing fight is that it is easier for a fighter to get a finger or thumb in the eye. I have nothing against the use of smaller gloves in striking contests, but it would be good to see a boxing glove type design used to reduce the risk of an eye poke. The style of mma gloves was originally designed to facilitate a mixed martial arts fight, ie a padded glove that allowed dexterity for grappling so the design itself, IMHO, has no place in a boxing or k1/Muay Thai fight.

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    at least sengoku likes something
    sengoku likes many things! such as leeroy barnes getting KTFO

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    Gloves are there to protect the hands of the fighter not the face of his opponent.

    The only thing that may have an effect is that boxing gloves are larger and easier to use defensively. So you may get hit more but you won't get hit any harder.
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