Monday 6am Circuits* 7pm Gi BJJ
Tuesday 4.30pm Kids Judo* 6.00pm NoGi BJJ 7.30pm Kickboxing
Wednesday 6am Circuits* 6.30pm Kids/youth Gi BJJ 7.30pm Adult Gi BJJ
Thursday 4.30pm Kids Judo* 7.00pm Kickboxing
Friday 6pm beginners / fundementals BJJ 7pm Advanced / competition BJJ (Gi & Nogi)
Saturday 9am Kettlebells / TRX* 2pm NoGi BJJ
Sunday 7pm FREE Grappling open mat

all classes other than those highlighted with * form part of the monthly members inclusive training program. Just 35 a month adult and 25 student / youth.

Coaching team
BJJ Brown Belt Neil Williams
BJJ Purple Belt Russ Evans
BJJ Purple belt Adam Junior Davies
BJJ Blue belt / World, European and UK Kickboxing champ Nathan Jones
Judo and Wrestling - Great Britain Judo and national wrestling players and coaches Stephen Abberley and Craig Ewers
Circuits, kettlebells and conditioning - Leanne Howells