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Thread: BJJ Scotland/GB Scotland

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    Default BJJ Scotland/GB Scotland

    Any truth in that BJJ Scotland has become GB Scotland and Marcos is the new new main man for GB in Scotland?

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    who will ricky gillon buy his belts from now??

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    I know that BJJ Scotland has become affiliated with Gracie Barra through the Estima brothers which would make Marcos the highest rank currently with an active affiliation with Gracie Barra (as I may be wrong but I don't think Rick Young has an active affiliation (as in pays the dues to use the name) but is of course Scotland's highest ranked person from a Gracie Barra lineage.

    Marcos of course has a legit GB lineage through his instructor Amal Easton who is a Renzo Gracie black belt.
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    What's the difference if you're affiliated?
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    If your affiliated it means you can advertise as a GB school, use the logo on your website as well as a number of other things (think there is a special website for all GB school instructors for advice, marketing info that sort of stuff). You obviously pay a set fee in order to access all of this. It's basically a franchise arrangement
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    Well there will be a load of gb guys at the comps then I guess. If Ricky gillon is the devil or whatever that people keep making out he is and if he's as big a phoney as people keep saying then why would anyone want to be associated with that? How come he's even allowed to represent gb at all? Is money the only criteria to buy into the franchise?
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    I doubt we will see anyone from the Glasgow club at any comps organised by either Rob or myself, I have no idea what his problem is but at the end of the day I'm not going to lose sleep over it and neither will Rob. Both of us have numbers at events that put the Grab & Pull comps (which a certain person helps to organise) to shame, so if they don't want to take advantage of well run and well attended comps that's their concern. No skin of our nose.

    As for why they would want to be associated with GB given the other person you mention is, one bad apple does not ruin an entire cartload. In the UK alone you have both Estima brothers, Roger Gracie and more high level instructors. Just because people have issues with one guy up here doesn't mean that a team shouldn't take advantage of all the benefits these other guys bring.
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    How is he able to be affiliated if he's so bad though? What's the criteria?
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    The bad apple analogy was not me saying that person is bad, I know some people seem to rate him and there are others who don't. I have neither trained with him nor seen him compete so can't form an educated opinion. I'll leave that to those who do have experience of him.

    As far as I know the only criteria is being able to pay the fees. A black belt friend of mine in the US described it as similar to the McDonalds franchise system but as he's from another team there may be a bit of bias creeping in there, I've never looked at how they do things in great detail.
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    Seems crazy that all you have to do is pay the fees without demonstrating any competence in BJJ or having sufficent experience. Maybe the disgrace and Ricardo can be buddies now since they're under the same franchise.
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