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Thread: Real men fight on the Hip Show!

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    Default Real men fight on the Hip Show!

    Safe MMA Sanctioned!

    I love the nob top at 19:49. Reminds me of that advert in Running Man haha.

    Nothing beats getting heel hooked while your being filled in too.

    LOLs aside there are some genuinely talented kids fighting on there.

    Who's up for going over, need a team mate for 75kg

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    Is there some decent cash in it? I'd have a go, it would be fucking mental!

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    Seen this on Facebook before. TBF though i would actually love to have a go at this! Actually wouldn't be my first fight in a soft play area either lol
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    My cup of tea! I would love to do something like this
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    I know what a "bus stop" is but whats a "gym hole" ?

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