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Thread: WSOF 3 Fight Card - To date, what you think?

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    Default WSOF 3 Fight Card - To date, what you think?

    Jon Fitch vs Josh Burkman
    Tyrone Spong vs Angel DeAnda
    Rolles Gracie vs Dave Huckaba
    Justin Gaethje vs Brian Cobb

    John Gunderson vs Dan Lauzon
    Krasimir Mladenov vs Kenrdick Miree

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    I predict a rough night for Angel DeAnda.
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    Me too, do you not think they need to source some better known fighters, they're putting on a station in the US that isn't the biggest but aren't managing to put names together that will make people want to tune in, I mean I hope they do well and manage to get to 300,000 views minimum for this show.

    Maybe sticking Monson on there or some of the Russians that are big in other parts of the world.

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    Jon Fitch Will bring in a awful lot of viewers.

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    Fitch vs. Burkman is hardly a huge main event that will draw in casual interest.

    I'm not saying the guys aren't talented, BUT Fitch was regularly abused by fans due to his style of fighting & Burkman deespite a recent run has never been a main event level fighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moogie101 View Post
    Fitch vs. Burkman is hardly a huge main event that will draw in casual interest.
    I agree with this, I don't see him bringing massive numbers, just a few extra people because he has a name.

    If Burkman KO's him like he did Simpson in his last outing it'd be a great achievement for him imo.

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    The problem with anyone that's not the UFC is that they will struggle to get an established main eventer as the majority are in the UFC.

    I think the thing i like about Bellator is that with their tournament format they have been able to create their own main event level fighters.
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    That aspect of Bellator has been exceptional imo, they've moulded guys like Alvarez and Curran.

    There are loads of other guys out there who they could get in to boost their profile imo.

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