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Thread: Fighter accidentally glues own eye shut between rounds

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    Default Fighter accidentally glues own eye shut between rounds

    No, really. At an event in Brazil, a fighter is getting worked on in corner while a member of the cage crew is re-applying a decal/sticker to the cage above where he was sat. Some industrial strength glue drips onto fighter's face, the fighter thinks it's vasaline and rubs it in, gluing his own eye shut.

    Happy ending though... Gluey McEyeshut won via technical decision after two rounds.

    That's possibly the maddest ending to a fight I've ever heard of. Can anyone top it?
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    I bet Drippy O'Fuckforbrains got that glue rammed down his throat if he was stupid enough not to have done one before Gluey's corner had finished prying his eye open.

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    Last time I saw a situation like that it was on the DVD extras of the Peter North Classic, Eyes Glued Shut
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    Size on the scissors that dude took to his eye

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    lol. that's insane. If there was no video I wouldn't believe it. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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