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Better make this my last post on this -
I spoke to the kid after the fight, and one of his corner men, the kid was sh*t scared, he puts on a brave face in the cage no arguement (war face) it was no preplanned thing he just panicked (from his own mouth).
I listed a few factors which may have contributed to his panic (size experience etc)
At no point would I say that Jack was not the winner, and at no point would I say the fight was not agreed or the weight not met (the point I was trying to make was to list factors that may have induced his panic)

I know the guy very well who Jack made his debut against, and he is of course perfect for many first time pro's.

you told me the weight was announced @ 71, I provided you with a source to confirm the kids weight.

Some of you will say it was intentional, the kid told me he panicked under pressure, I can't really say any more on it.

The fighter tells me one thing, you tell me another - I'm out of this one
Fair enough, I thought you were trolling but good points made.

Have a good night.