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    About 6 weeks ago while sparring muay thai I had my legs kicked out from underneath me and I came down on my right elbow hard . It swelled up a fair bit and was pretty painful for a couple of weeks. Now the swelling has gone down I can feel that there is a piece about the size of a 5p coin that is loose and the cavity where this piece seems to come from has rough edges and it is quite painful to put any pressure on the elbow at all.
    Is there anything that can be done about this ? Or any chance that it will mend itself ?
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    Are you sure you didn't land on your head? Go to the hospital!
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    Hard to say without examining you (and it would be an unusual injury) but you from what you describe, you may have taken off the tip of your olecranon when you fell on it. Does the 5p piece feel hard (bony)? Do you still have a full range of movement in that elbow?

    Best thing would be to get someone to have a look at it +/- X-ray.

    Hope that helps


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