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Thread: Lorenz Larkin unlucky not to get the nod?

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    Default Lorenz Larkin unlucky not to get the nod?

    Lorenz Larkin was pretty hard done by last night imo. It seems the vast majority of people and the MMA media thought the same. We've seen this a few times in the past and it seems to have flown under the radar because the card was so damn good.

    Here's the Fightmetric stats:


    Stats aside because they don't always paint the true picture, did anyone feel that Carmont was the rightful winner?

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    Larkin got robbed IMO. Stuffed his take downs, out struck him on the feet, even managed to sweep and nearly sub him with a kimura.

    Basically Larkin beat him everywhere.

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    I never for a single second put any stalk in fight stats. Those don't tell me shit.

    I had Carmont/Larkin/Larkin for 29-28 Larkin.

    If you look over at mmadecisions, 82% of media scores had it for Larkin, and 88% of the public scored it for Larkin. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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