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Thread: New Scottish team going be huge

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    Default New Scottish team going be huge

    Antonine MMA have Ross Pearson and Eddie bravo coaching there. Give it a year and they will be the team to beat in scotland

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    It'll take way, way more than a year for anyone to dethrone the DNFT as the team to beat in Scotland. However, nice to see another gym doing good things.

    When you say Pearson and Bravo are coaching there, I assume you mean they have done or are doing seminars there?
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    Pearson did a seminar and theyve incorporated eddie bravos jiu jitsu system but neither are coaches there. Looks a decent set up but still behind other gyms and teams. Dont run before u can walk !!!!

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    Who are the coaches day to day though? I'm not saying they won't be the "team to beat" but if they are it will be through day to day grafting and coaching not because of those seminars. The effectiveness of the 10th planet system is still being debated. Hope the team does really well and they do become a force, can never gave too many quality camps in Scotland.
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    Your high.

    Your talking about a gym with no active fighters. Awesome facility's no doubt but history shows facilities mean very little in producing fighters, some of the best fighters in a variety of combat sport comes from shit hole gyms. Facilities don't produce fighters.

    Very cool they are having seminars and the affiliation with 10th planet is clever marketing but again that alone is not going to produce fighters. It's the coaches in there on a daily basis that do the work.

    I've got a lot of time for stephen Thomson and Robert carlin both used to train at the griphouse on a social/ recreational level at best, Stephen had 1 semi pro bout, don't know if Robert has competed in MMA so there competitive knowledge of MMA isn't great ( not that competition experience is a major factor in coaching ability but it can't hurt)

    Creating a successful fight team isn't something that happens over night. There's a lot of trial and error.

    That being said I hope they do start putting out fighters and having success it's good for the Scottish MMA scene as a whole.

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    Yeah, cmon guys, a team doesn't take over within a year.

    Like James said they are a facility at the moment that has a good centre to train at.

    Personally if I was them I would cater for the low end market and general keep fit person who wants a crossover in their training and have some diversity. Has anyone confirmed if they will be having a fight team?. Just because they offer what they do it doesn't mean they need to have a fight team
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    Thanks James ,and thanks for all your help and support over the years .Just to set the record straight though .I am teaching 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu only .I have not and never will try and teach or coach MMA ,I will be leaving that to the experts .Having trained with you for years I know what is required to produce MMA fighters ,I have seen first hand the fight training at the Grip and other clubs as well.There are many good MMA gyms and clubs out there .The only thing I will be doing is what I am good at and that is 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu.The facilities at the Antonine Sports Centre are great ,so are the people and I am happy to be running classes from there.Steven Thompson 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Glasgow.

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    What's the thread starter on about then? Are you affiliated with the club or just mental/trolling?
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    From your webpage:
    Quote Originally Posted by!instructors/citr
    Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu No Gi from Royce Gracie
    What does this mean exactly? Royce specifically handed you a "No gi" belt?

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