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Thread: Michael Bisping: A win over me will be the biggest win of his pathetic career

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    Default Michael Bisping: A win over me will be the biggest win of his pathetic career

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    Hope Bisping takes this.

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    Alan Belcher is really overrated IMO. He has never beaten any top guys. - The number one MMA site on the web today!

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    Hope Belcher takes this...

    Bisping is seriously overrated IMO, he's never beaten any top guys.

    Like what I did there King?

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    As classy as ever!!!!

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    Bisping takes this IMO!

    Grizzly where did your Bisping hatred spring from; it's relentless, you never miss a chance to jump on him? I think he may have given you a dry slap at some stage in your life!!

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    I think that they are both potentially over rated, Belcher more so though. They also both talk a good fight. Imo Stann was a more dangerous fight for Mike and I expect him to take a UD or even a late tko

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    I don't understand how Bisping can call Belcher's career pathetic when you look at the stats...

    Belcher - 2 Fight of the Night, 2 Submission of the Night
    Bisping - 3 Fight of the Night

    ^ Belcher has had less fights

    Belcher 8 of his 9 UFC wins have been finishes
    Bisping 8 of his 13 UFC wins have been finishes

    ^ Belcher has more finishes in less fights

    Belcher - 64% Win Ratio (14 fights)
    Bisping - 72% Win Ratio (18 fights)

    ^ Given Bisping has had 4 more fights I would argue there isn't much in that...

    They've both lost the same amount of fights
    Both are coming off a loss...

    I don't understand how it's pathetic when you've not done more yourself...

    Let the bashing begin.

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    I think they are both good fighters, however both are far down in the pecking order especially after recent losses.
    Neither guy as yet has had the breakthrough win so for either to call the other pathetic is laughable.

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    If Bisping loses to Belcher I honestly don't know where he goes from there. That being said I have Bisping winning by TKO (GNP). I think he'll overwhelm Belcher at some point during the fight and get the W.
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