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Thread: BJJ Open Mat in Amsterdam?

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    Default BJJ Open Mat in Amsterdam?

    As above really...

    Going out to Amsterdam for 4 days at the end of the month and whilst my friends are taking a day trip to Ajax Stadium, I'd like to get an hour or 2 on the mats in the afternoon with my cousin.

    Can anybody recommend a tourist friendly gym near to Wertheim Park/Botanical Garden in the Plantage area?

    If no open mat, a class would be fine or even a tourist friendly kickboxing gym?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Ste - my mate Henk Heneweer runs a club just outside Amsterdam, in a place called Almere. Club is called Team Kaishin Almere.

    Site is in Dutch but there are contact details, and Henk speaks brilliant English. Good bunch of people, they come over here and train with us at Nova Forca.

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    Last time I was over there a couple of years ago I was asking for advice-ended up going to Mejiro. 2 stops on the tram from where i was staying. Tiny gym but obviously massive rep, and the co ed showers are something er,new
    Was well looked after and Andre Mannaart was a super nice guy.

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    Thanks for the replies guys but I was looking more for BJJ rolling as opposed to kick/Thai boxing?
    Coffee drinker, prefer Pepsi and I'm kind of a big deal.

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    Xanthic - Henk's club is primarily BJJ. He trains jiu jitsu every day.

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