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Thread: ESPN Closing

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    Default ESPN Closing

    I've had a letter from Sky saying ESPN is shutting down 31/7
    Anyone heard anymore about this, or more importanmtly what happens to the UK's UFC coverage?

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    BT according to multiple sources (tomato, brown, etc). Don't know if it means BT Vision will be suddenly popular or what?
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    Got the same letter too and wondering where it's going to be shown. Will sky have an option to subscribe to BT?
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    Enter the most sensational announcement in the history of television...


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    If it goes to BT I will be quite shocked, thats an awful move in my mind for the UFC, unless you can access their programming at that point via Sky boxes, I'd imagine it will lose them more viewers than gain, at least ESPN could be seen by everyone with Sky, I looked at BT awhile ago, the packages are quite poor, there was no HD channels etc, it was a backward step in my mind so stayed with Sky / Dreambox combo and then jibbed Sky off until I got 6 months free everything.

    At least Virgin and Sky share channels, I am not sure if BT share with anyone? I dont see how BT would be a step up for the UFC from ESPN at all, even with them buying the football rights etc - Setanta did that and look where they ended up in the UK, bust and dead as it didnt bring in the revenue they expected, surely the same will happen to BT, people wont fuck Sky off for a BT box when Sky still has more channels, more footy and generally a bigger better overall package to offer.
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    BT will offer a separate subscription to their channel for sky customers. You will contact BT directly to receive it.

    unclear as of yet what will happen with Virgin but many expect it to be available like ESPN is now.

    "We will offer BT Sport on Virgin Media if it makes commercial sense to do so.
    It's unlikely that BT will sell the channel directly to customers as this is not the way Virgin Media operates."

    from BT make of it what you will......

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    If they can pull off a partnership with a channel that is willing to work to increase the viewing stats and increase the fan base that can only be a good thing. Anyone got any idea on what the subscription fee will compare?

    I also noticed an option on my Sky Account to stay with my ESPN contract right until the close or give notice to cancel early.

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    We just stream it from the computer to the TV.

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