This event will take place on Sunday May 26th 2013 and fights will begin at 12.00 sharp. Entrants are required to arrive at 11.00 for weigh in and all bouts will be pre-matched wherever possible. Thanks to everyone who came to the last one, we're even more excited about this next one and would like to see everyone there.

All bouts will take place over 5 x 1min rounds.
For those under 16 there will be no head contact whatsoever.
There will be no knees or kicks to the head whatsoever.
There will be no elbows to the body or head whatsoever.
The level of protection worn will be pre arranged between both competitors and the referee but all under 16 year olds will be required to wear full protection.
All bouts will take place in a 14ft x 14ft ring.
All bouts will be refereed.
All entrants will receive a prize.
The referee’s word is final.

Please e-mail with names, weights and relevant experience.

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