oh wow, rightly or wrongly, this could sell!

Tito Ortiz ‏@titoortiz 27 Apr Well I may have to come out of retirement to beat @JonnyBones I can't let I'm beat my record. @Punishment99 #ufc159 #UFConXboxLIVE
or does he just want a kebab?

Tito Ortiz ‏@titoortiz 28 Apr Skewers. Dinner http://instagram.com/p/YqwRMArcSJ/
and knee surgery?

Tito Ortiz ‏@titoortiz 29 Apr On my way for pre op surgery for my knee. ACL and Mencius replacement. This is the easy part. Thanks to @danawhite and @lorenzofertitta help
do you think he is in any way serious?
would he take the fight if he were offered?
do you think he makes a good kebab?