After the shear success of the previous two years, The Fight Lounge has returned with Part I of II, of the Top UK MMA Prospects of 2013.

The Top Ten UK MMA Prospects are determined based on votes cast by a number of individuals in the MMA community. These consist of some of the top UK based journalists, writers and news website editors from The Fight Lounge, Addicted MMA and Love2Fight UK to name but a few. In order for a UK fighter to be considered, he or she must be a professional mixed martial artist and have fought in eight or less bouts. It is possible to include fighters that are under a ZUFFA or any other international promotions contract provided they were born in the United Kingdom.

A total of six participants provided their top ten UK prospects with the fighter in the top position allocated a total of ten points and the tenth fighter in the list just one. Once all the information was collated together, the final list of prospects could be determined. Due to the high amount of votes for certain fighters and the shear closeness in the votes in the latter end of the list, The Fight Lounge have decided to change the Top Ten UK Prospects to the Top Twelve.

Just for clarification purposes, the reason that this is deemed Part I of II, is because this list is based on the fighter’s achievements to date. In the latter part of the year, the list will be comprised once more for Part II.