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Thread: The Fastest KO in British MMA (with video link)

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    Default The Fastest KO in British MMA (with video link)

    Does anyone know of a faster KO in either professional or amateur MMA in Britain ? It's pretty quick...

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    Tye Palmer @ Adrenaline FC 6 about 3seconds
    Check it out its on YouTube

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    One of the fastest fight endings i saw was via a broken leg.

    Itwas a semi-pro fight and one guy ran from his side of the cage to throw a leg kick. Other guy picked up on it and checked it and then the fights over.

    Will always remember that one just because of my commentary on it. "Yeah this should be a fun... FUCK ME HE'S BROKE HIS FUCKING LEG!"
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    The only one I know of is Punshon's 4 second KO of Sutherland.

    Think there was a fast finish on UCC one time, I'd have to have a look in my magic book.

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    Tom churchill got a 2 second knockout back in the day, it's on youtube. I'm no go with links. One punch.
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