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It's funny how people make judgements when not seeing the facts. I said wait to see what the deal is before anyone starts saying how bad the deal is for the UFC/Consumer and BT seem to know what they are doing, funnily enough! ;-)

They were always going to play to their strengths and use the Broadband part for the Leverage that way they don't have to compete directly with Sky and can take the competition from smaller Broadband providers and target people that either have none or are due to switch
True but... Not everyone is on BT, I'm still interested in seeing how much they will charge for non BT Internet users etc, granted its a cunning move for sure, though the other issue being if you are looking to now switch to BT - a lot of providers now run 18-24month contracts and people may find themselves stuck for some time etc.

Don't get me wrong, its a brilliant move, one I didn't see coming, though how much revenue it will generate for BT remains to be seen and lets see the viewing figures over the first 12-18 months as well, I still think Sky would have been the better option by a mile but being selfish as I have BT, this is good news for me Hmm, just thinking, I wonder if by taking up the offer if it ties you in further with BT broadband or not, I presume not but...I am gonna read the small print!