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Thread: Shamrock vs. Freeman off?

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    Default Shamrock vs. Freeman off?

    Just saw this on the UG anyone else know any more about it?
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    When was it posted? That's dodgy as hell!
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    Saw it on UG this morning too. Who will headline it now do you think?
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    This was on Ian's facebook this morning:-

    Ian TheMachine Freeman

    Shamrock fight is off - A replacement is found!

    Well, everyone including myself, knew this fight was too good to be true as we know what a coward Shamrock is.

    Not only is Shamrock a coward but he's also a thief. He accepted the fight, demanded $5,000 upfront as a deposit of trust, of which was sent, and now refuses to return the money.

    Not only has he demanded that money up front but also ask for his purse and ticket deal to be paid "before" he fights and this money to be sent to an American bank.

    Shamrock you are fucking delusional? What promoter pays a fighter before he fights and with your track record of being a bum, I'm not surprised the promoter said no.

    UCFC bent over backwards to stick to your Diva demands but you bitched about everything. Even to the fact that they were advertising your name to sell tickets. Thats what every show in the world does dumb Fuck. The fight was confirmed, and you signed and made a video signing the contract. Idiot.

    You know I would have hurt you bad but you had to string everyone along after your WWE speech about wanting to fight me, so you had to play along with it. Now your making excuses saying the promoters are in breach of contract. Bullshit. You had no intentions of fighting me. Your a fake, a crook and a liar. You even made an interview about not fighting me yesterday "without" telling the promotion you pulled out. That just shows what a professional knob you are.

    Your over and I hope the rest of the world see this and realise you've lost the plot, your an idiot and I hope your never hired for anything again.

    As far as I'm concerned, I have been training hard and ready to fight anyone. A replacement is confirmed and will be announced very soon. A fighter a lot tougher than Spamcock, but hey, I'm here to fight. Win or lose that's what I do.

    I'm here to please My fans, not to let them down.

    See you guys July 27th, Doncaster.

    Ian "The Machine" Freeman.

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    Seen on Ians FB its defo off, states totally different reasons for it & that he has another oppo lined up

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    Not really surprised to be honest.........
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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    To the surprise of no-one. Who the fuck actually wants to see kenny fight again anyway? I don't even want to hear him again, his commentary is pish, ramblings of a punchy madman.
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    Did people think this was really going to happen...

    Wonder what other person will be competing for the ''Legend'' title.

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    Yawwwwwwwwn wow summit else I couldn't giv a fuck about lol

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