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Thread: Calum Hunter turning Pro

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    Default Calum Hunter turning Pro

    Just saw on FB that Calum Hunter will be turning pro, I personaly think the kid has got loads of talent and could go far in the far do you think he can go under the tutelage of "The Gladiator Galbraith"?
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    Don't think he's officially announced he is turning pro yet, but it seems that way when you consider he has vacated the FFC belt.

    His career has been very well handled so far I would say. He's still very young to be turning pro, so you could argue he could have had maybe another year at amateur. But he is unbeaten and has looked very good in all his fights, so maybe he's learned as much as he is likely to learn at that level.
    How far can he go? As far as he wants to I would guess. With smart management and fighting on the right shows, he's got every chance of "making it" onto a big show.

    When it comes to turning pro, I'd say (and it's only an opinion, MMA coaches know much better than me) that it might be wise to go pro only once you've experienced everything possible in the amateur game. Ie: wins, losses, coming through a bad performance to still win...winning despite a shitty performance...all that stuff, which will arm you well and will mean there's few surprises when you turn pro. But that's an ideal world. Not gonna work out that way for everyone of course.

    Can't wait to hear his first pro match-up.
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    Heard through the grapevine that Calum has left new life gym and went to the Griphouse, any truth to this?
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    Who runs new life gym?

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    Davie Galbraith mate
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    Thanks mate, haven't really kept track of Scottish mma recently, last I knew he was running the Gladiatorial gym.

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    The fight team is still Gladatorial I think, the name of the gym is New Life Gym.
    Im gona come at you like a hear that a SPIDERMONKEY

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