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Thread: Menga vs Sitenkov - FCC 6

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bri View Post
    I agree with most of the above but as Menga hasn't beaten anyone of note yet I'd say there are lots of fights for him in the UK.
    His best win is against Mark Platts 10.9.0.
    Not disrespecting Mark at all but he's not UFC standard.
    A win over Sitenkov would be fantastic but on the strength of those wins jumping I to the UFC's 125lbs division would be a serious step up.
    Once you're in with the Sharks and all that, lots of guys get to the big show too early and pay the price.

    Scott Pooley has beaten Martin McDonough and Kris Edwards, Neil Seery just picked up the CW belt over top European Silander.
    Personally I'd like to see Menga fight Seery (Pooley is unavailable) as for me he's the top unsigned guy in Europe based on opponents he's beaten lately.

    100% agree, that's what I said in the other thread.

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    I just want to add I think Menga will defo get to the UFC, he looks a serious talent.
    I don't coach him so I don't really know what's he's capable of but if he's not good enough to beat Johnson, Benavidez, Dodson, Lineker or Formiga then going to the big show would be a bad move for me.
    If he's not their level then going into a division of 15 guys means he'll be butting heads with them after a win or 2 if not in his debut (stranger things have happened).
    The UFC don't fuck about right now regards cutting guys, they cut Sass after 2 losses and in both fights he was doing very well.
    If you love fighting you can never really lose!!!!!

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    I agree with Bri, the sherdog combined record of his opponents is 47-116-1, thats a big difference to what lies ahead. I'd prefer to see him fight 3-4 european guys inclusive of Sitenkov. We'll see what happens I guess.

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    I've been hyper critical of Menga in the past but despite Sitenkov coming off 3 straight losses (2 of which were at 135 i think) this is still a very tough fight and a very good fight at that. I give Menga credit for taking it as Sitenkov on his day is incredibly tricky and unpredictable. It's a good step up and in a very thin European Flyweight division it will really put him up there for other big fights too.

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