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    hey , been a while since i've been on here. Now you might be wondering why i dont just go onto a travel forum or something with this question, well i figured lads on here go on training trips or go to fights in other countries using every trick they know to save money or know the best sites or companies to book holidays with.

    so with out a fuss

    i love New York, been there before, though the company i went with before isn't offering the same deal i had last time so i'm asking anyone on here how have they booked up to go to New York or USA , which sites do the best deals or flights or whatever

    all advice accepted even the pre empted "go on a travel forum mate, this ere is for fucking fighters!" cue Tuf music

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    I've always found Sky Scanner to be a good place for finding cheap flights, worth a look mate.

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    From Mancheser in the past, Air France and Delta were cheapest last few times I did NY, Continental were always ok as well.
    Oddly once found could get flight cheaper through Asda flights than direct with Air France..

    Also one tip I heard - once you have done a website and got some quotes, clear your cache etc as allegedly some sites will not drop the price if its cached that you have checked previously... Not booked a flight since I read that so fuck knows if its legit!
    Sig awaiting witty quote from someone.

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    My friend Salim. He was from Ivory Coast. He found the cheapest option into New York. Sadly, he met his demise freezing to death whilst clinging to the wheel shaft and was recorded as one of only 6 statistics worldwide to freeze to death in the wheel shaft and plunge to the ground at high speed. At least he made it past the border control without a passport. Free of charge too...
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    thanks lads, will take a look at the sites.

    Will, if i do that i will be more prepared than your friend

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