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Thread: Made 4 The cage 10 fight card tonight

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    Default Made 4 The cage 10 fight card tonight

    Some good fights going on in the North East tonight, including Towler vs. Mulheron and Punshon vs. Ewin. Check out the full card here:

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    Looks good, good luck to Dai Round!

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    great night at M4TC, anas mounir impressed on his debut. a war between jamie stephenson and 1 of the sbg lads. i turned for a second and missed the ko, after a fiesty stand off between round and redfearn (clashing and pushing heads) redfearn kod him in 20 secs. im not really sure what happened between ewin and punshon. looked like ewin tapped, the fight conyinued then a few seconds later it was stopped and i dont no why. then between towler and mulheran it was by far fight of the night. mulheran chased him around the cage taunting him, celebrating like he won the fight inbetween rounds and dropped him in the last. he probly could have finished him when he was bent over with his hands on his hips. but waited for him to stand upright before he unloaded. masterclass from mulheron. the kid is going somewhere. 3-0 beating taylor and towler i think some1 said he is only 24

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    I knew he'd beat Towler, he's massively overrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzly. View Post
    I knew he'd beat Towler, he's massively overrated.
    could not say it better
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    Bah. Towler is tough and dangerous. To hear there's a youngster beating him decisively is impressive. Will be interested to see who he fights next
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    Great win for Mulherron in terms of fights for him then Martin Thompson would be a great next fight for him and a step up from Towler IMO

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