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Thread: Liam James Happy At SBGi; Vows To Stay at 145lbs

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    Default Liam James Happy At SBGi; Vows To Stay at 145lbs

    Great win for Liam 'Bad Intentions' James at CWFC 55 this weekend, and he's really happy with the positive changes he's made by moving to SBG Ireland under coach John Kavanagh:

    "I felt a lot more confident going into that fight," expressed the featherweight. "Knowing John had my back and the way I'd prepared for this fight, I feel a more all-round tight fighter now. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's how you learn from them that counts and I believe I've took the best from each mistake I've made."

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    There are lots of good fights for Liam at FW.

    As an aside, it came to me after Liam's win that he is one of the few who will have true insight into the Ogle Vs McGregor fight in August, having been a long standing training partner for Andy and a recent one to Conor. I know Liam posts here, and although his allegiances are most probably torn between the two, it would be interesting to hear his opinion on the matter.

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    Cant really expect him to give an opinion on that tbh, im sure he knows who will win but wont want to say!

    Good to see someone not thinking that the holy grail is weight cutting for once, think quite a few ppl have done more damage to their career by trying to get too low and believing the American wrestler types who claim to cut 40 odd lbs before a fight, eating clean to get in shape is one thing going overboard with a water cut then trying to perform at your physical best 24hrs later is another!

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    Lol how did this become about conor n ogle like? haha yeah im not makin any comments on the fight i like both and train with one so stayin on the fence wish them both good luck
    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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    going back to Liam, are there any FW fights you really want?. Would love to see Liam v Enty if he's still about (not heard much from him recently)
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    Hahaha enty lol wouldnt entertain that muppet ive always said id fight anyone thats in front of me and im sticking to that although john kavanagh has a lot more say than me in who i fight now but id like to climb those rankings defo think i could hang with the top 10 n give any one of em a tough fight but like i say johns the boss man so he points and i fetch
    Liam Bad Intentions James, pro mma uk featherweight!!

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