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Thread: how do top black belts learn the new stuff?

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    Default how do top black belts learn the new stuff?

    New stuff is invented every so often. Amirite?

    Must be tough for a top black belt to travel to train with someone who has worked out something new. Getting pwned until they pick it up. Really?

    Equally weird for someone to arrive at your academy and son you by teaching you something new. Are top players taking lessons behind closed doors?

    Or are some people tempted to teach and put in to practise what they already know?
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    It's not new to them in the same way it's new to a novice. Top black belts can counter stuff without ever having seen it before, they can make up stuff on the fly, they can quickly assimilate new techniques into their own game.

    The top guys train with other top level guys (that's part of why BJJ is a team sport). They work new stuff out and refine it between them, and then they try it out on their students. -

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